Rocky was a poor guy who used to follow his inherited business of comedy. He used to visit the events of the society in which he lives. It was a tradition to let people like him come in to entertain people on various occasions.

There are occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. which are being organized by the people who are well-off and can afford to invite a number of people.

When a guy like Rocky goes to any of such occasions, he used to throw comic punches on the attendees so that they could get entertained and he could get some money out of it which people pay to him happily on his performance.

Once a guy who was curious to know a little more inside story about the people like Rocky stood up and left the occasion as the performance ended. He went back of the occasion venue where he found Rocky be seated, smoking, and talking things with his fellow comedians.

He also sat down beside them. He observed Rocky a bit before going to ask anything to him. Then he asked him, “You look like a middle-aged man as I can see a few grey hair on you but your smiling face does not give a sheer glimpse of pain or hopelessness, how do you manage to be so happy?”

Rocky replied, “Life has to move on, either we live happily with laughter or we live sadly with tears and despair. It goes on its own way, not ours, then why one should waste it living in tears!”

He was amazed by Rocky’s short, precise but priceless speech about living life happily. It was a message to all those in the world who have everything with them but they cry all the times to have nothing and to those as well who are lucky to understand the ultimate note of being alive and they live a happy life with whatever God has them to possess.

“In this story, Rocky is a fictitious character.”


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