Fears Are Stories We Tell Ourselves


As we all experience a lot of fears inside our mind and heart; we constantly try to overcome one after the other. This is also connected to our ambitiousness and our curiosity with respect to the happenings all around us and around the world.

While growing up, we learn stuff from our surroundings, from home, from school, from family, from friends, etc. We start thinking on different aspects of life and those thoughts give birth to various fears in our minds. We start organizing our life in order to not hit by any of the fears that are there in our minds. So we prepare ourselves in a way that keeps us safe or that keeps us away from the harm.

By preparing to overcome our fears, we condition our minds and our lives to be safe and free to enjoy but it does not mean that we are completely free from those fears. The moment we get an intimation of any of our fears, we feel like tortured. Can we ever be free of fear?

The condition of a free mind starts getting confused when a single small act is being criticized. Human mind stops working when any kind of negation hits it because it contains only the positive signs. Human mind does not work on or accept the negative signs. When something negative happens, several questions take their place to be answered.

“In my personal experience, when I wake up in the morning, I do my morning stuff and get ready to go out for work with a complete positive mind. When I start meeting with the outer world conditioning in which climate is there, traffic is there, then getting started with negotiations stuff with the clients and so on. My mind gets confused so many times. Several times I feel like I am lost. Then I have to look around to find myself back intact. I ask many questions to myself and try to get their answers by myself. When I do not get the answers then I ask others to help me out. Sometimes, I find the answers and get relaxed and sometimes the answers themselves confuse me. It is funny!

In the end, I realize that I can only know the physical fears easily but if I go to find out the deeper layers of fear, I might totally lose my mind. So I often leave many issues, many fears as they occur just to keep myself unaware of them instead of going deeper into their details.”

When we go deeper in the seriousness of our fears, no doubt, we get to know the causes of those fears, then we analyze them in our own way, then we talk about them intellectually, but one thing remains there, fear.


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