Inheritance from the Past is No Longer Important

Dead Man's Hat

Human problems are complex and they are getting more and more complicated with the passage of time. We see what is happening around the world and discuss the issues that should be addressed at a far bigger level than just us. We see that there is violence all around the world. Very few places are those which are safer than the other from violent acts. It happens due to the complexity of growing human problems.

We all have problems. Small or big but we all have them. We address them and we try to get to the solution. Sometimes, we get to the solution and sometimes we fail to find any solution. When we fail to find any solution, we try to reach to a bigger and more powerful group of people whom we expect could be helpful. When we fail to get help from the most powerful in our reach; we feel like there is no authority at all and right at that point, we lose the tantrum and this helpless condition leads to several unprogressive conflicts.

Education means a lot in every society because it teaches us to live life properly and in a healthy manner. There are several paths of education which leads human beings to happy living. It also enlightens people in a way that they could help others to uplift their lives as well. Education teaches us that when the problem comes, it comes with its solution. It is now our part to find out that solution either scientifically, socially, or religiously. Solutions are something to be discovered and then spread.

We are tend to ask for the solutions from others as to our convenience we do not want to bother ourselves much but when we get hopeless from the world we realize that now we have to make the journey of understanding by ourselves. Then we start relying on us and leave everyone else behind. We start connecting to God, the most powerful of all and seek His guidance in our day-to-day matters. Then the inheritance from the past is no longer important. One is forced to stand alone examining everything on his own so that one’s own mind becomes clarified from all the doubts and conditioning.


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