What Happens When You Know Yourself

Find Yourself

It is not always challenging to know your own self. We all try to know ourselves by judging others or by comparing ourselves with others. There is another way by which we get to know ourselves and that is the teachings of the beliefs. We learn a lot from those teachings and it enormously helps us understand what we are and what we should be.

Judging others is not a good idea to know you or to know oneself because you may judge wrong due to the unawareness of the whole condition of the person that you are trying to judge. But it often happens that we judge people easily and mark them with different titles or tags which is unfair by all means. There is nothing like tagging people with monikers of your choice. It is something they have to choose for them or it is up to the person’s family and loved ones who can call him by some other name with love. What if someone judged you and tag you with a grimy or with a pet name? Would you like it? Of course not!

Knowing yourself by comparing with someone else or knowing someone by comparing with you or somebody other than you is also not as good as it looks like. We do this often to rank people and then we treat them accordingly. Once again, I put you in a situation where you are the one being compared with someone by someone; how would you feel like? But it happens a lot as we are in the industrial era where we talk about merit, we talk about competition, we talk about skills, and so on.

The third switch that I plugged in the beginning is, knowing you by the teachings of beliefs. For this, we need to follow the religious teachings that exist in different forms in every society of the world. We all are attached to some beliefs in one way or the other and we learn a lot from those teachings. Though there is an aspect of complying them which we lack in due to several other reasons but the main point is to know who you are and we get to know ourselves best by this approach.

Knowing that God has made us purposely and He is there watching us all the times for our deeds and how we live and behave with other human beings, is something that continuously helps us finding our right path to pursue life.

When we trust God and follow His sayings properly, we get to know ourselves better than any other way and this way we get close to Him as well. When we get close to God, we live life in a completely different style in which we become thankful for His blessings upon us and we try less to judge people. We behave well in manner with others and our way of communication with people gets better. No matter if we know the correct language of others but we communicate in an acceptable manner with them as well which is the highest level of understanding of the humanity.

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