The relationship between man and man

Holding Hands

Traveling makes people realize that human problems everywhere are more or less similar, though apparently dissimilar. While living in a community in which we brought up from childhood to adulthood and from there to old age; we used to think that only we have problems in life and nobody else can have similar ones.

We admire people whom we never met with but we know them for some reason. We fancy them. When we think about those people who are far away from us living their life in different geographical locations of the world, we get an impression of admiration somehow. We do not realize the actual and real condition in which they are living, until or unless we go to meet them and to start living with them. Traveling make us realize this fact.

The common human problems around the world are violence and of freedom. People fight for their freedom and sometimes it leads to violent acts as well. Being recognized and being acknowledged by the society and by the world is everyone’s demand. This basic demand brings some people close to each other and it also plays a role to detach human beings from one another.

The relationship between man and man is somehow a very complex issue which has been debated for so many years and still it the main focal point of several people who love humanity and who want to do something good for the world. But this has been a constant conflict in the world and there is so much more to be done for the people of the world to live at peace, with some decency.

Poverty is the glitch that we have to look into deeply as it leads to several other social problems that we have to face. Some of the other glitches present in the world are racism and ideologies that sometimes bring about wars to be on.

Being human and being part of this world; we should understand within our limits that we get only one life and it is very precious. We must treat us with profound dignity and every other living human being is also important and precious as well. So we should respect others too. No matter what race he belongs to. No matter what religion he follows. No matter how rich or poor he is. No matter how easy or hard his life is. We must build our relationship with the world in a positive and nurturing manner.


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