Nothing is durable


He was a football player and he was prominently good in his game. He started playing football in his early age. He used to go to play every day after the school. He was passionate about his game and playing football is something extraordinarily important for him than any other thing in life.

Seeing his passionate game; he got selection in his school football team. Unsparingly, whenever he went down the ground to play football, he used to get the trophy. Due to his devotion in his play, he was not good in studies. But when the school won trophies because of him, he got promoted to the next level in reward. Of course, it is not the right way but it happens only to those who have something special to give back to the concerns.

After school, he started going to college where he could not resist his passion for football and soon after a few trials, he got his selection in the college’s football team as well. Now he had got another chance to show his skills to the people.

He continuously played and brought back trophies for the college and in return he got plenty of appreciation from all around. After all he was the hero of the ground.

He got famous for his game and this time he reached people outside the institution as well. Soon after finishing the college, he started getting several offers to join but he rejected all of them. He wanted something more than that. He wanted to play for his country.

He decided that he would wait for that big opportunity when he would play his game for his country. No matter how long it will take.

He was young, energetic and fit to get married. His parents chose a young and beautiful girl for him to get married with and he got it soon. His life was wondrous because he was such a special football player that many of other great players had tried to beat him and failed to do so. And now, he was married too.

One day, he got a call asking to come and show his skills for national team selection. It was an ecstatic moment for him to hear that voice saying so. He celebrated with his family that he is now going to live his dream life. Soon after that, he started getting ready for his game.

The selection day came and he, along with his family and friends landed to the ground to win the battle. The game began and he started getting people applaud and appreciation in full. Everyone in the ground was expecting to see his passionate game which he was successfully showing to the spectators.

The other team was also not so very easy to handle. There were tough players in the other team as well. His team was one goal ahead of the other. He was running with the ball towards the goal point, dodging one after another. He was very close to throw the ball into the net when two of his opponents hit him while running with him and while trying to get the ball in their control.


The hit was hard enough to let him flew high in the air and then he fell down with a solid hit to the surface of the ground. He cried loud with the pain and the game stopped for a while. The medical team came in to the ground with the strature to pick him up from the ground. He was then being sent to the hospital for treatment.

The doctors later told that there are two fractures in his legs and the condition of his legs is no more fit for the play. Not now, not later. He got shattered by this fact and all the members of his family and friends were also disturbed by the fact that his injuries are deep enough to restrict him to play football anymore. He was silent with tear running from his eyes. He had no idea about what he is going to do with his whole life ahead of him.

That day, he realized one thing that there is nothing as durable in life as it seems. Everyone and everything is imperfect or if there is something that looks like flawless, it will be flawed one day.


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