Sweet corn in the sand burner


He was walking down the street, hopeless due to the continuous disappointments in his life as no one was there ready to listen to him or no one was there ready to let him be someone / something who the world will accept. He had tried several ways to get some space in the world but had found nothing yet.

While he was walking down the street, he heard a voice, “Hey, are you upset?” He attracted towards that voice and turned back to respond but when he turned back, he saw an amazing view. It was a piece of sweet corn which was no more husked due to which its voice had been changed. It was yelling because it was being burned in the sand. He was crying for help to get out of that burner. But its voice was unaffected to everyone around.

He was the one who stopped by its painful voice because he felt his situation similar to that sweet corn. At that very point of time, he was clearly able to see himself in the shape of that sweet corn which was in the burning sand being burned. There was no one there in the world to listen to its painful voice just like his.

After some time when the sweet corn came out of that burner, it was smiling. When he saw the smile on sweet corn’s face, it brought a smile on his as well.

The sweet corn came out of the burner, smiling, spoke to him and it said, “My friend, pain is not eternal, it is not everlasting. One who struggles, trusts God in times of pain, and never leaves the rope of hope, comes out of the burning sand one day, smiling. And one who gets impatient and breaks the rope of hope, is like those who stay longer than desired in the burner being heated.”

Never lose hope. Do not be afraid. Be patient and trust God in every troublesome state of being and times of trial. If you are afraid to fail, you will keep failing forever. In order to succeed, you must keep the wick of hope burning.


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