O wow, splendid!


O wow, splendid!

This is what we want to hear from our friends and from other people in our circle. We constantly look for something that can appeal or that can be of worth having. There are several things like a smartphone, a wrist watch, a painting of a renowned artist, branded wear, a luxury car, jewelry, and other similar stuff. What we all want is to show the stuff off and get praised. It gives us some kind of satisfaction which we do not know but we crave for doing so.

It is part of our enthusiasm of being recognized. Being recognized is so very important for us because this is how we reach out to people in a way that is artificial. There is very little reality factor one can find in us when we crave for such kind of recognition. If somehow we get recognition, people who become our fans are the ones who are ignorant of so many facts behind our artificial face but they are just fans who follow without any reason, without any purpose.

When we go out in search of a mentor in our life, in search of a master in our life, we rarely find one when we have this kind of artificial mindset. If we luckily find one which we call our master, our legend, and come back from our completed search and tell our friends that we have our master. Look he is the one who is my master, who is my mentor, and I will follow his instructions because he is very knowledgeable and famous for his teachings. Again we do the same mistake of putting all our effort into the artificial river which flows in the same manner over and over.

We are so much into this artificial world that everything we get, we want to be well-known by having that in possession.

There is no use of all the effort that we put in search of achieving any goal, any dream of our life if after all we have to publicize it for so called acclamation. Simply, there is no use of doing so. We do not find anything out of it. We may get some worldly benefit out of it but there would no progress in our soul, there would be no upbeat. But there is very less chance to uplift your life by doing so, there is very less chance to broaden the limits in your life, there is very less chance to improve your inner self by doing so.

It is far better for us to stick to the point where and when we find something meaningful in our life which could extend our vision to see things more positively, to see the world with a different and caring eye. But it is not possible if we are hungry for any credit. We must practice and live life according to the teachings that we get in order to improve our life and then the important part, the responsible part is to try to dispense our knowledge that we gain through struggle, to more people so that more people could see this world as beautiful.


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