In search of a legend

In search of a legend

I could not resist writing some more words on the similar topic ‘Find your master’ I wrote recently… So here it goes.

How difficult it is for us to find our mentor! We try our best but fail. We talk to others about efforts and concerns towards someone and getting none in return from him. We express all our feelings to others about how we feel and about how desperately we need to have someone in our life to make it better every day with his teachings and wise words.

Why is it so hard to get close to someone who is wise? Actually, it is hard because we are afraid of putting our efforts in getting close to someone we need. When we talk to people expressing our concerns, we actually express our own fears and regrettably we get the same reaction of expression in return from whom we talk. Very few of us understand this state of mind. Although this is also one of the natural states of mind being fearful and we should be curious to understand it but we rarely do.

Curiosity is the mother of invention and we progress when we ask about things that happen in front of us. When we try to understand something, when we are curious to know something, when we struggle to get to the point we seek for, we have to relate much deeply with the very notion of that concern. No matter how much effort we have to put in, we should always go ahead for it without having a single drop of fear in our mind and heart. Only then can we succeed in that venture.

Expressing your feelings is never bad for anyone but one thing that we often miss during and after the discussion that we should take something out of that discussion means the real meaning of something from having which we can feel or say that we have come to this end. If it does not happen then what we need to do is to find out the right chair to sit on.

It is highly possible that you get a chair to sit on it for longer period and no one will bother to tell you that there is something beautiful outside which is worth-watching but you have to dismiss sitting on that chair in order to get out watching that beautiful thing. We get stuck with the chair and rarely do we get a chance to move on to the beautiful journey of our life.

People who travel a lot, who meet with different people all around, can tell stories about them which is worthwhile. Only through deeply relating with people can we understand what we are, what we are looking for in this world and what is the reason we are here.

Better to continue our search of a master until we meet him. Judging someone can ruin the nature of the necessity so we must not chose anyone or we must not get along with anyone by judging them anyway.


2 thoughts on “In search of a legend

  1. Mahnoor says:

    What do you mean by a chair to sit on? Please explain me.. Anyway ! This article is quite good ! thanx !

    • Moazzam Shaikh says:

      Thank you dear Mahnoor for reading and putting the question up! “Chair to sit on” could mean anything to anyone but what I meant to say is that one should not get stuck with the pleasures.

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