Find your master


Most of the people in the world are living their life without knowing the purpose of their life. But there are few who know their purpose of life and there are those who are trying to find out what is the reason they are alive.

It is astonishing that every morning when we wake up we begin to follow whatever we used to with whereas it is highly likely that we might not get up one morning. But till the time comes, we live. We should always remind us that we are blessed with one more day and we have a chance to make it count.

People of third kind as mentioned above are those who are dreamers and they always look at the skies to tell them the secrets which they deserve to know. They do not only look at the skies but they also find their legends, their masters who can describe them the hidden truths within the secrets.

The first thing is to find the master. We cannot find him physically in any way. We cannot call anyone our master just like that. There must be a spiritual attachment that one can feel during someone’s presence. When we feel good being with someone, when we easily get answers to our questions by someone, when we feel joyous and peaceful in someone’s company that person is who we can call our master.

Most important thing to observe in someone’s company is the peace that we cannot have with anyone else. No matter what it is due to. There might be any way you can observe and feel peace with. It all depends on our own dimension of understanding.

It may also happen that the situation is not much organized and if you try to organize it, you will lose the core of its occurrence. So do not try to organize it. Just go with the flow and take the joy of it.

Why is it important for the people to find out their master? It is important to have someone in life that can raise the curtains from our eyes and give us the vision to see things beyond their actuality. They give us vision, they give us understanding of life and our purpose, so that we can feel the way we deserve, so that we could live life knowing that we are closer to our creator.

Otherwise, there are people of first kind who do not bother to think about what is happening in this world and what role they can play in it.

9 thoughts on “Find your master

    • Moazzam Shaikh says:

      Hi Dorothy, I started following your blog a few months back because I liked it very much. Suddenly, wordpress stopped sending me emails from all my subscriptions. Don’t know the reason. Today, I unfollowed you first and then started following once again so that I could get emails of all your new posts.

      Have a great day!
      Moazzam Shaikh

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