Future or far future?!


While focusing on today and all that we have now, we forget that there will be a life tomorrow. There is no harm in forgetting that there will be a life tomorrow because it is uncertain and unseen. But it does not mean that there will be nothing at all.

Many of us are in the race of securing the future but we do not know exactly how it shall be. Though there are things that we imagine and plan to work on the realization of our imaginations and dreams, which is somehow a great deal in itself but one should always remember to cherish the joy of the moment because it is something what we can hold on. We cannot hold on to any future event unless it comes and converts into present.

Some people think about their future so much, and they question about life after death. Religions that exist in the world have different views on life after death since people practice different religions and they differ from each other through their practices so they get different perceptions of life after death.

The thing is that when we think about the life after death, we instantly relate our past to our future. Most of the times when we ask or think over life after death we get an answer from our past. The deeds that we made in the past have a shadow effect on our future and we can guess about our future by having a look at our past. Not perfectly but to a certain extent.

This gets a little complicated when we try to look into far future such as life after death or rebirth after death.

The past has a shadow effect on the future. Future can also be guessed by the past events if we recollect them by ourselves or to express them to someone else but it all depends on the perception that comes through the years that we have passed.

Through our experience, we can guess to an extent what will happen next but when it comes to suppose about the life after death, nobody can be certain or able to guess because no one has experience the life after death.

But it is true in one way or the other that there would be a life after death and we should always try to do good deeds, try to be good to others, try to be nice to our own selves, try to fulfill the duties that assign to us by God as well as by the humanity, try not to delude any of the matter that we handle, try to be as good human being as we could be. There would be all good in this life till the death and in the life after death.


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