All hearts have the same language

No matter what one’s language or nationality, the heart has nothing to do with it but with simple awareness, which is why all hearts have the same language.

What we think about anything that we see or feel, our mind tries to find out the meaning of what we are feeling. When our mind get meaning of what we were thinking of feeling about something, it has to describe it in words and those words can be of any language.

One of the reasons that we do not understand each other is the interpretation of our thoughts into different languages. Though, the feelings within the heart are the same for everyone.

What if there was a heart language which every other heart can easily understand?! How wonderful it could be!

Pleasure and pain reside within the heart. The acts that create pleasure and pain are thought by the heart. The heart is what knows the results that appear as pleasure and pain. The heart does not have its own language. It only acknowledges the pleasure and pain.

While translating the heart’s thoughts into another language, sometimes we slip the very notion of pleasure and pain. We get confused and disturbed by what we say because it differs from what our heart says. Then we have to recollect the events once again that caused that particular thought.

The heart is the primary essence within the body. It is the basic foundation. When we were born, we only know one language and that was the language of heart. In that particular small age, we feel so much pleasure and pain and we enjoy them at the most. The reason why we get pleasure and pain in childhood is that we did not know any other language but the language of heart.


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