Diversity is necessary in life

One who lives life of repetition and routine will almost inevitably become a victim of boredom. It is man’s nature which tires of a lack of change. Diversity is necessary in life.

It could be in any of your daily necessities. Food is something which we take in everyday more than once. There is a variety of bread, fruits, vegetable, meats, etc. that we can enjoy by changing our routine by only taking specific food.

We all worship and sometimes we leave everything behind while worship which is why we face boredom at the same time. We should distribute our time between worship and enjoying what is lawful. Visiting friends, neighbors, relatives with family could be a refreshing idea to bring about change for a while and it definitely helps one to think about various things positively.

One thing we commonly enjoy while visiting someone is that we share our laughs with them and vice versa which ultimately works in our favor in providing us constructive energy.


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