The essence of generosity

It is good to help the needy. You can give anything that you think suitable for the needy at that moment. It may vary person to person. For example, if you meet with someone and while talking a bit, you feel like helping in some way, maybe giving some cash or something in kind, you can do that.

How often you feel that way? There are centers / organizations which accept the donations and people often go there and give their belongings to them as charity. What I observed that most of the people donate those things that are no more useful for them or in simple words, those things that the people can easily throw away. Have you ever thought of the height of your donation, the value of your donation?

It takes courage to sacrifice on donating those things that are useful for you or that you might be disturbed by not having them. It takes much courage to share your belongings that are precious to you in any way.

Of course, it matters to someone needy but what is your concern, matters as well. The essence of generosity is in self-sacrifice.


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