Think before you rush

Be not hasty and rushed for things that have yet to come to pass.

Everything has its time to come in our life and it has its time to pass on to someone else’s life. We do not have the power to hold things longer than they are set to. We should not stress to do that. We should not rush in trying to possess things and also not to keep them for as they are forever. We should realize that it all comes for some time and it all has to go.

We often see advertisements provoking enough to rush to the stores to grab the deals. It is all about marketing trick and almost every big brand owner used to do such tricks to sell their brands.

When we see such flashy advertisements, we rush to get things of our choice without thinking much of their usefulness. The thing is that first of all we need to understand what exactly we need to have, only then we should seek for those things. And that absolutely makes sense of having them otherwise you will soon be thinking of its usefulness and you won’t find much. The only thing that resided inside you at the time of getting those things was the bargain which pushed you through itself. Nothing else.

Think before you rush for things that might not useful for you.


2 thoughts on “Think before you rush

  1. Mohamed Ossama says:

    You are absolutely correct sir. All what companies care for is selling more and more products. We should definitely think before rushing and buying something that we won’t need or use.
    Thank you!

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