The activity of heart

The good feeling is the activity of heart and we all enjoy it at some point of time. We can know our feelings, energetic movements, mental and physical development, ideas, impressions, concepts, memories, fantasies, dreams, etc. All these feelings need to be known as activity and when we feel good by any of the activity, we feel happy within our heart.

Everybody wants to be free from worries either by forgetting and neglecting them or by duly tackling them. We all need to live peacefully and we sometimes get the idea that peacefulness means getting rid of all the content that is there in the mind. We think that we could lead life peacefully by making our mind empty.

However, a peaceful mind gets the idea of openness for all the happenings around and it takes it as very little to tackle. Peaceful mind experience clarity in viewing and tackling the matters of life and it gets pleasure doing so which is a good feeling and a good activity of heart as well.

But it does not mean that a peaceful mind is prepared for everything. It needs practice in knowing the activity that is taking place and it also needs to be refined over time so that one might experience more peace of mind and more activity of heart.


4 thoughts on “The activity of heart

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