The liebster award

Thank you Tazein for nominating me for the liebster award. You are awesome!


The rules are:

1) Say 11 things about yourself.
2) Answer 11 questions that are asked by the blogger who nominated you.
3) Award 11 people, while creating 11 questions.

Rule No. 1 – 11 things about me:

1) I talk moderate.
2) I dress casual mostly.
3) I am adventurous as I like travelling.
4) I like swimming.
5) I crave for ice cream.
6) I value my family the most.
7) I am the author of Observing Freedom.
8) I am a good listener. This is what my family and friends say.
9) I am a sensitive person.
10) I like to be alone when I am angry.
11) I like to talk to my mom when I am sad.

Rule No. 2 – Questions asked:

Question: What is the mission of your life?
Answer: That’s an interesting question you asked. People having leadership qualities should be easily answering this. I’m not one. I am living a normal life and I want to keep the pace with God’s help.

Question: Do you believe in Karma?
Answer: Yes, absolutely.

Question: What type of job, you are holding?
Answer: Currently, I’m holding a job in sales & marketing.

Question: How do you relax after a tiring day?
Answer: I like to talk to my family about my day before going to bed.

Question: Who is the person most beloved to you?
Answer: My mom.

Question: What is your star sign?
Answer: Sagittarius.

Question: Which is your favorite movie?
Answer: Notting Hill.

Question: Money or contentment – which one would you choose?
Answer: Contentment, of course. With money would be even better.

Question: Do you have a secret wish you want to come true?
Answer: I wish every day for something. Thanks to God who listens.

Question: Which has been the most touching moment in your life?
Answer: It is yet to come.

Question: Which is your favorite website?

Rule No. 3(A) – My nominations are:


Rule No. 3(B) – My 11 questions are:

1) What is your motivation power in life?
2) How often do you think that you are great?
3) How often do you dream?
4) Are you afraid of failures? If yes, do you do something about it? If not, how did you overcome it?
5) Have you ever get fired from any job?
6) Are you difficult in apologizing?
7) Have you ever laid the ghost from your life?
8) When do you feel like you are completely true to yourself?
9) How long could you stay for someone who has things to say to you?
10) How fast do you drive your car?
11) Do you do crazy things, Bond? How often?

Have a wonderful day!


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