You deserve to be happy

I like it when someone tries to define a number of ways to get something done. It takes high motivation to do that. Motivated people are fairly straightforward and they throw their balls frequently to put them in to the basket. Of course, not all of their balls get right in the basket but still they succeed in getting some.

We, humans are afraid of failures, which is why we often give up before we really put enough effort for something to be done. Actually, we do not want to feel bad about our self but what we miss here is a simple fact that being happy and to feel good is not a big thing. It is as normal it does not exist.

Success comes to those who do not give up and who are never afraid of failures. There are hundreds of, thousands of, millions of people out there in the world and all of them are busy securing themselves from failure. Why is failure so horrible?! It takes just another moment to try to succeed for anything that you want to.

We do everything to please our self and we escape from those things that can cause discomfort. There is no harm in doing that. In fact, when we practice pleasing our self and escaping from the things on the other hand, it means that our conscience level has been increased and we understand things better than before. Time teaches us everything but we should never give up dreaming and should not stop trying to live as happy as we deserve.


3 thoughts on “You deserve to be happy

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