Cultivate friendly attitude

When we practice prayers; we put ourselves in the presence of God and seek consent to God’s presence and action within us. We consent to the fact that our creation is not as mere as we have treated lately. Things happening around us make us guilty sometimes even when we were not involved but here arise a question upon our existence. If we exist in this universe; we are involved in it. How can we just say that we are not a part of it?

The basic principles of this universe contemplate and depend upon us “humans”, mostly. That’s why we practice religions and beliefs to not to disappoint in showing up as holy or as nice. The more we practice our faith the more we get closer to God. But sometimes we think so wildly to go through our imagination, for the love of God. We need not to expect so low to become a part of the garbage because wilderness is not a profound human emotion. It is a painful emotion and it pulls us back into the unconscious and lifeless state of being.

We need to cultivate a friendly attitude towards this wilderness otherwise we might get pushed by it and eventually it will pass through our awareness.

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