5 keys to emotional maturity


We all make mistakes in relationships and lead to disappointment until we get to know how to grow understanding between each other. The answer to handling disappointment is to understand the perceptions of the people whom you are engaged / involved with.

It is obvious that every one of us experience different things in life and we all have dissimilar thoughts generated after getting the outer world exposure. We try to be nice with others and expect that we will be taken care of in return. This is the point where we misjudge our own self by not doing the same thing by our self.

We can skip the disappointment by practices a few important things in our lives:

1) Tact is as important in a relationship as being straight. We should deal with people in a way that we successfully pass our message without alienating the other person.

2) Do not expect to be taken care of. Take care of those who are nice to you and you will plug in a special care switch whose button is pressed on.

3) Be sensitive to other people’s feelings as for they are as important to you as your own are. Do not be selfish in initiating a constructive dialog with anyone.

4) Give others space whenever they need. Be patient with those who are important in your life and without whom your life is incomplete. No matter how long they take in understanding the correct way to communicate with you. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to handle our emotions timely.

5) Smile and leave the harsh comment of others as quickly as you can. By doing this you will create an impression that this comment does not mean anything and let’s get to the actual point.

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