We want more to experience


The whole awareness of life is only through our senses. Everything that we know has entered us by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or touching. This is the only way we know the world and this is the only way we know ourselves.

If we shut down all of our five senses, we will have no experience of life, world, and ourselves. This is what happens when we go to sleep. It does not mean that the senses die when we fall asleep. The body is alive, the mind is on, everything is its place but all of them disappear in our experience.

With all our five senses, we experience a lot of different things throughout the lifetime. Some of them have been good, and some of them may be of bitter taste but we do experience good and bad. This is the way life goes on and we live on. We experience one thing and instinctively we want more to experience and it does matter to us that what we want more to experience.

Of course, we want more to experience those things that please us often. As mankind grew over the years, we have developed so many pleasures for us to have apart from the nature that pleases mankind in its own unique way. There are patterns for manmade pleasures which we need to learn through our cultural, social and traditional values so that we could enjoy life along with others.


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