A feeling of oneness

Problems that we have in our imagination or in our real life are caused somehow by the individuality that we feel. This individuality urges us to be authoritative enough to decide anything for ourselves as well as for those around us.

There is no harm in putting our point of view in front of others but it might be harmful to expect that others will not argue on that and they will simply agree on what you said.

We get messed up by this individuality thing especially when we elevate our expectation level from a moderate to extreme level. In such condition, when someone tries to let us understand it or let us come out of that by stepping back a bit, we get so confused that we do not even hear that voice trying to simplify our problem.

If we look into the matter a bit deeper; we will see that it is a matter of leadership. We must understand that we cannot live the whole life on our own. We must connect with other people to listen to their thoughts as well as to share ours. This way we get close to each other and we absorb each others’ voice and views.

In corporate culture, people are more disturbed by this kind of situation because they think that there is a race going on and they have to beat every other person. However, there are some very intelligent leaders managing their teams in view of keeping them together in a way that they help each other and by doing that they get a feeling of oneness.

It is true that if we try to join hands with others, if we try to join voice with others, we could be better ones. When we stand with people hands in hands, we gain power and that is the secret that only good leaders know.


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