Women are more conducive to spirituality

Many a times, people say something about women that they are more conducive to spirituality, women are more close to nature, women can be better at nurturing the nature. It is a fact that women can give birth and only they can raise the next generation.

Here, the question is that if women are more helpful to nature then why are they not holding positions like priests in the world? There is not a single woman in this world that holds a position of a leader or a counselor (spiritual).

We are in the modern age where everyone knows their rights and everyone wants freedom. Today, we see women are traveling wherever they want. It was not like this before whereas for men it has been always the same. Whenever a man wants to travel, he just needs to roll his bag up and walk on.

Women were bound to stay close to their home due to several reasons but this does not mean that they were not helpful to the community or life itself. There have been always women who were close to God and they were strong enough to enlighten other people.

Cultures, not all but most of them, around the world still do not allow women to take such positions in their societies which is why we do not have examples to present or to follow but that does not mean that women are not worthy enough to be followed.

If we neglect the physical appearance and traits of man and woman and treat them as equal, we will realize that man and woman can equally contribute in the development of human life.


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