How do I gain true happiness?

How do I gain true happiness so that my heart could be at ease?

We are ambitious by birth. We are curious by birth. We learn things and there is an urge to know and learn more gives birth within us.

We get upset by the confusion that causes during the process of learning new things and to grow from our current state of being.

The natural law of growth also tells us that every living being including plants grow from their root and convert themselves into trees.

Here, the thing to understand is that the process of growth, the sequence of steps to reach to a grown-up point and then what next.

In man’s life; happiness plays a significant role in the process of growth. Sometimes, we suffer a lot and find difficult in getting to know which way to practice to be happy.

The state of man’s well-being can be achieved by the clarity in vision and believing in what he is doing. Sooner or later, the growth is guaranteed, the success is guaranteed.

The answer to the question quoted above is that we gain happiness when we are able to see things clearly as they truly are.


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