Cook before you eat

Constant achievers know the art of hiding the other side of their self. Success comes to those who strive and work hard for it and many of successful people do realize after a certain achievement that how hard they had to make it done.

They remember their hardships and the sprint that they passed by while achieving their goals. They share their stories with the world and often they tell the story with great humility and inspiration so that others can learn and take the right steps along their journey of life.

People who present themselves to the world as constant achievers also come to the achievement stage after crossing the hardships but they do not share their story. They do not share their story because they want to keep it secret and they want to be mesmerized by the world. They want to enjoy the charm of their achievement as long as they can and while enjoying they completely skip the real part of struggle behind their success.

Skipping the hardships is like wearing a mask which can hide the scars. It is good to wear that mask for a time being as to enjoy the charm of success but should always be brave to accept that success is a food which we have to cook before we eat.

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One thought on “Cook before you eat

  1. afraejtbi says:

    Some people tend to withhold on how they achieved something from the fear of making others’ way to achieve that something, easier. I find that selfish a bit, you always have to be proud that you kind of made someone else’s life much easier. Great post!

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