Free time is a blessing

“Immortality is generated by idleness.”

Since the day you were born and came to life; you keep yourself moving. As you grow up, you learn things which eventually start controlling your feelings and emotions and this is a stage where you feel like you have learnt a lot and idleness starts generating within yourself right at this point.

In the lap of idleness, immortality is born. But if the mission of your living is to be active, then the idle are dead. Once you realize that you are a mere mortal and you have to keep moving in life, all the idle will get confused initially and sooner or later they will completely get lost in that confusion forever.

You do a lot to earn your livelihood and after the hectic day you feel like taking some rest and you do. This gets in to a routine and soon you forget that there will be free time that you will get and you should have a plan to enjoy that free time as well.

Free time is a blessing. We must enjoy and be thankful for that. Do not let anything overshadow this blessing. Plan out something for your free time and be always ready doing stuff you love to do for yourself which gives you inner satisfaction.

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