We all need to be loved

It is easy to find someone who tells you things that you cannot do. In fact, most of the people that you meet with might be the same way. It is because everyone is looking for something inspiring and fortunate. When you speak with other people, you can easily observe after a while how much they can encourage you.

We make lot of friends in our lifetime. Every time we meet with someone, we try to build a good relationship with him because we are fair from within. But soon we see the raising flag of expectations which demands us to deploy ourselves in a way which totally serves them in their favor.

People with good and kind hearts are the victims of depression caused by the expectations of others which they keenly look into. Whereas those who particularly focus what matters and what does not; are less worried and more capable of building good and long-term relationships.

We all must know that we cannot serve everyone. We cannot make everyone happy. We cannot say YES to everything. We cannot be ready to give ourselves all the time. We all are human and we all need to be loved.

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