One cap fits all

Stress is highly personal subject. It centers on one’s feelings more than facts. If we look into the techniques to keep stress at bay; we might get into several and get confused.

There is no ‘one cap fits all’ solution for keeping stress at bay. We have to choose individually.

As we grow older, our perception of negatives becomes exaggerated and our perception of positives becomes discounted.

“Please do not take it wrong way. Since we are talking about stress; there will be harshness in it.”

We often observe people treating others in variety of ways. One way for the one and for the other person there is a change in their behavior. Why do they not keep themselves balanced in treating others?

Take an example of a team. Every team has a coach, a manager. The coach, the manager, will only be fair to his team when he will treat every one of them fairly equal and he must also be consistent in this way.

It is really very hard to treat every individual in a team fairly equal. But successful are those who uniquely manage to reach such fair level.

Consciously, any person who sees two individuals with different behavior treats both of them differently and as a coach or as a manager of a team, when someone observes such differentiation in its team members, he builds a unique relationship with each of them.

This is where the stress factor is secretly hidden and by using our conscious in building different and unique relationship with differently behaving individuals may cause us stress. And the unfavorable and unpleasant element is this that after getting into the stress, we put ourselves in such a vulnerable situation in which we then do not know how to get relieved.

When we know that we are stressed, there is no point in hiding it or to be reluctant to admit it. Trying to bury our stress can be risky afterwards. We must do something about to get rid of it.

It is always best to know and face up the fact that we are stressed. We must be brave and do something about the circumstances by taking any possible step that suits us in protecting our physical and mental health.

Stress realization varies in man and woman. They both observe it differently and realize it differently. Men normally take less steps in getting out of stress whereas women usually face up to the fact that they are stressed and take immediate possible actions to prevent it.

Why is stress different in man and woman? It is different because men and women deal differently with it. Men do not talk about what and why they are stressed. Women are better at dealing with it because they are likely to talk about it to a friend, colleague or member of her family.

There is no ‘one cap fits all’ solution for keeping the stress at bay. We must do something uniquely our own way to prevent it.

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