Happy New Year 2013

The year 2012 has finally over and out from all the day-to-day calendars that we used to see numerously on our blog posts, mailbox, twitter feed, fb page, google+ page, and so. It’s been a better year in my life as I did a lot which I wanted to do and I explored and experienced so much that was unknown within me.

The reason that I could possibly know myself better is that in this past year, I shared so much with the world that had been always there to listen to, and to accept what I had to share with it.

When the year 2012 started, I set a goal of publishing a book which was completely a vague decision at that time because I never did it before. I started thinking about my niche and started blogging in a new way that was led by one of my fellow blogger Ross Gale who inspired me and stretched his knowledge with me in a direction that drove me through achieving this goal of publishing a book. Thank you Ross!

Finally, I published my first book OBSERVING FREEDOM [VOL. I] last September in paperback and in October, I published it in a kindle version as well. Now a days, I am writing OBSERVING FREEDOM [VOL. II] and shall try to let it reach out to you this year 2013. I am also writing inspirational quotes which you can find at my twitter as well as at goodreads pages.

Many of you may not know about my photo blog on which I’ve posted some of my best shots. Click here to have a look.

I thank all those who follow my blog and twitter feed. You all are my inspiration.

Unluckily, I couldn’t do much on fb and Google+ pages. But that’s OK, enough for now.

I wish this new year 2013 be the best in variety of ways for all of us, peace-loving human beings!

Happy New Year 2013!

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