Everyone is a philosopher

Everyone is a philosopher. I heard and saw a discomfort in people being called philosophers. It is common in our societies that when we see someone talking authoritatively on his actions and he also states the reasons behind those actions strongly, others often start calling that person a philosopher.

People think that it is not good to be focused and be on the path for long. Why? Because they may think that it is difficult to be focused especially for longer periods.

When we see a football player rolling the ball on one of his fingers, we amuse by that act but our real amusement is the very moment when the ball dropped because that is the moment when we come out of the single-mindedness.

When we start practicing rolling the ball on the tip of one of our fingers, we find it very difficult in the beginning because our center of attention is strong enough to make it possible. It is disturbing and discouraging but this is the time of putting our effort to get that attention to roll the ball on one finger.

Well, we all do one thing or the other and eventually get hands on to that thing. If we look at this aspect of life sensibly, we will see that every one of us becomes a philosopher sooner or later.

We see someone who is drunk and lying on the street, we feel bad for him. It is because we do not want us to be in that condition and we know it is bad after all. We go near to him and ask him why he is drinking too much. He will definitely give us a great philosophy behind his drinking habit.

Similarly, thieves have their own philosophies. Dacoits have their own. Pirates have their own. In fact, in this world, everybody has solid philosophies to support whatever sensible or nonsense they are doing in their life.

By the way, having philosophies is good to sustain nonsense otherwise we will have to ask our own selves at every step that why should we do this and why should we do that.


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