Why do we form groups?

Why do we form groups? The need to form a group comes within us because we feel inadequate as a being. Whatever kind of group that we form, it is because we feel incomplete by ourself. We have not found anything of substance within us. We are not bothered to see what we are and experience the nature of our being is.

If we experience the Divine within us, we definitely would not have the need to belong to any group and so we will not form any. In that case, we do not have to identify ourself as a human being and separate ourself from the other forms of groups.

Why do we struggle to form groups? We do this because we try to find value in ourselves externally so that we can represent ourselves to the world as part of that group and we can compel what we want. We think we become powerful if we belong to any form of group.

How do we compel? There are ways through which we do that. We make an impression to the world either through education or through the clothes or through the jewels or through the home or through other presentation material that we carry. We actually do not know who we are. We never experience the nature of who we are. It is all because we do not attempt in that direction.

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