Get your answers

“I want to ask you something. Would you listen to my question?” The light follower said.

“Sure!” The man replied.

The light follower took a long pause. Everyone was waiting for him to ask the man what he wanted to but he kept the silence for a while. This silence put people in a condition to think about what mystery is this which is going to expose in public. Some started gossiping with each other.

After a while, he asked, “What are you thinking? Are you thinking about the question that I am going to ask you? Or are you just waiting for me to ask anything?”

The man said, “I am just waiting for your question.”

This was the answer the light follower was expected from this man and he got it in time. Then the light follower said to the crowd, “This man has the power to change and to bring change. People who want to ask me about their concerns, can also ask him about the same concerns. They will get their answers.”


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