Some are soft and some are nuts

He was talking to the gathering on different aspects of life and how people can bring a good change in their social situation when suddenly a man raised his voice and asked something out of that discussion.

The man asked him about his journey by relating to his own. The man explained to him that he has also traveled a lot and met with many people and have tried to find out his very own purpose of life but still he feels that he is not there yet.

He said to that man that it is awful that you have not yet found out which way to go, when to stand up and where to stay.

The man was ashamed and asked that is it really meaningful to go places and attend the talks to look for the answers that I need or is it just worthless for me as I have already gone through a lot and got nothing out of it?

He said to that man that you surely have gone through a lot in your life but it is absolutely up to you to get the answers to your questions and you should attempt one more time.

People have different abilities, some get to the point soon and easily whereas others are nuts.

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