Why he traveled

He knew there was something very fantastic in him, but he did not know how to share it. He used to keep himself silent but thinking about it. At times, he went about asking many people as to what it is.

When he heard something meaningful about that something fantastic in him; he went in search of its meaning in depth, so that he could organize himself.

He met some people who have similar thoughts and interests. He tried to tie him up with them but it did not help him as to what extent he could possibly be with those who are also in search of something. He felt like helping them instead of getting some.

He continued his journey and he traveled to several places until he found out what he was looking for. It was an amazing experience for him when he stopped by a place where he kept getting answers to his questions. He got it that now he would soon be able to finally organize himself.

It took a little longer than usual for him to understand all that he wanted to. It happened to him because he believed that he has to do something, he has to serve a purpose in his life, but he did not know what it was. So he traveled to know and understand his purpose of life.


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