Are you a common man?

Do you feel like you are a common man? It is rare when we feel like we are a common man or woman. It is rare because most of the times, we face disagreements with those around us who we want to see through and when it does not happen, we disagree at that moment and start directing our mind in order to resolve the disagreements.

Why is it so very important for us to face our self through others? We know so much about ourselves and as we grow older, we come to know more and more about us. How it happens?

The most common emotion that we all have is to reflect our self to every other person we meet. Whenever we meet someone, we try to look like him/her, we try to see like him/her, we try to talk like him/her, we try to walk like him/her, we try to think like him/her, even for a few moments but we try to reflect.

Sooner or later we get to know things that we actually have in common with some other people and things that we do not have in common as well. When we reflect on what we see, we get a feeling by that reflection and that could be either precise or vague. And we mark the precise and detailed emotions as important and discard the rest.

This is how we find our self in pieces and all through our life, we want to keep allied with those pieces through which we had come to know us and so we live.


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