Higher purpose of life

One of a big mistake that we make is that we do not make mistakes and it is because we do not work on really hard things. When we learn something; we just learn it as it is there for us to understand and for someone else to let us understand. But the important thing in our learning is to walk through that open door as long as we could. Walking through the open door helps us build a character. There may be obstacle through the way but then if we do not risk to make mistakes, how would we able to strengthen our opinions and other powers.

There is a lot that we all are involved in. Things are different with each of us but we all are occupied in one situation or the other. Whatever we do and for whatever results we struggle for; the main and important thing in all that we do is the imprint that we leave with the situation. We must listen to our heart in all the situations because only the heart is what guides us higher purpose in anything that we encounter.


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