Self-publishing at the Kindle stores under process

This is my first time of publishing a book on the Kindle store and I don’t really know how it works. Heard and read about self-publishing a lot so I went to and followed the instructions and then after completing all the steps as per my understanding, the book Observing Freedom went to review by Amazon.

The next day, I got an email from Amazon questioning about the publishing rights and some other corrections required before going the book live at the Kindle store. I gave them the necessary answers and made the corrections that they required and once again hit the publish button.

It’s been more than a week now since I first hit the publish button and the work is still in process. I’m anxious about the book to get published for digital readers and at the same time I’m learning all the steps that are necessarily required to complete the whole process of self-publishing.

The paperback edition of Observing Freedom is already available at the Amazon and now I’m hoping for its digital edition also to be there at the bookshelves of the Kindle stores by today or so.


2 thoughts on “Self-publishing at the Kindle stores under process

  1. mlfables says:

    Congrats on publishing. 🙂

    You’ve actually listed up your work at the perfect time. Kindle sales on amazon begin to warm up Sept-Nov and then blaze from Dec-Feb (from what I’ve read).

    I’m hoping to upload a short story series by Jan 2013. Mostly its a learning/testing thing for me right now. I just want to get some self-publishing experience under my belt.

    • Moazzam Shaikh says:

      Thanks Morgan!
      Best of luck with your work!
      For me, the next step on selling the book is to promote it which I am not familiar with. I’m hoping to get some advice from some well published and successful authors.

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