Lead your journey

People afraid of something give power to others to weaken their thoughts and abilities. They make a mistake to ignore their feeling of fear and soon they get speechless because they did not get angry on that feeling and they did not ask anyone to let them understand the situation. They simply give up all their power to that fear and finally they develop a dull attitude to see through life.

It is natural to be afraid of something but it is not a condition to be overwhelmed. We can always speak out our feeling to someone just to understand how other people think in the same state of mind. By not doing this, we allow the fear to conquer us and once we do this, it is very difficult to beat that fear afterwards because then we do not have to fight with that fear, we have to fight our own self to get out of that territory.

People who move on with their fears taking them as an opening to another understanding, really are those who never allow the fear to conquer them and they always find a suitable way out of that territory. Simply, they live a happier life.

There are several ways to overcome fear. One only has to keep moving on life’s journey and keep allowing the fear to hit them whenever they can. They must keep moving doing all that is overpowering and inspiring to them because they know that this all is happening to empower them and not to weaken them. And so they lead their journey.


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