Light up the bulb

This life is not a rehearsal; the time to take action is now. There are many individuals, in fact every one of us has one or the other dogma to pursue life. Some of us have even more than one dogmas to satisfy themselves.

We think in one way when we are at home but when we move out and go to our workplace, we act differently.

We treat people differently in different situations and at different times. It is a fact that we also get the same variety of treatments from the world.

Some people are integral in their acts. They do what they think is right, knowing that nobody is going to know whether they did it or not. It is just as right as it should be in any case.

Whereas, some people want to connect with the world by all of their acts. In fact they publicize themselves and brag about what they do so that they can get much attention. No matter what right or wrong they did, the only motive is to be known.

So much so, we should admit all that what is happening around us in a way that there is something good in all these features of life. If we look for joy, we will definitely find some around us.

To see the beauty and joy; we need to light up the bulb in our heart with love because it is only love that see, and that sees the beauty of nature in this world.


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