Spice up your heart

It is extremely significant to understand the tastes that we get otherwise we will never be able to know how delightful or unpleasant is the dish that has served in front of us.

To know the taste of the served dish, we must understand the whole tray of spices, which one is sweet, sour, salty, and hot so that we might identify the taste before or after having it.

The purpose to give this spicy example is just to let you know that there are things in life that we learn and be proud of. We remember always the reasons behind that pride and most of us got stuck to that point where we had that pride and we try to bring that moment back in our life more often.

There are people also there who never realize when the proud moment comes and goes by in front of them. They always go back to their same life pattern where they got kicked off and they got licked off and they never move forward to the life ahead of them. They never know the taste of the dishes which they can delightfully have, and also refuse to have, objectionably.

Getting to know the real taste of life is very important for all of us and only after knowing the tastes, we can find our way forward with pride and pleasure and this is a gift that we give to our heart and our heart has something good to hold on to, in times of pain and sorrow.


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