Whether it is necessary or not

There are people who do not speak much. They speak a few words in response to something and sometime just in one word. It is not that they could not go into a long and detailed explanation but they wait for the circumstances when their explanation may have greater impression on the listeners.

They think in such a way that they can give something good to this world. They develop this behavior by constantly getting amazed by the happenings around. They speak to people only when people are really intent on listening, or otherwise if people are not ready to listen to them, they think that there is no use of giving anything to those people, no matter how fantastically they will try to speak to the people, it will still count as an idle chat.

It is about connecting with yourself. It is about connecting to the people around you. It is about getting closer to the people in a same wavelength. You see people around you talking about different issues which they are worried about and they seek for the necessary conclusions so that they might avoid the sufferings. This is why they gather around and talk to each other and sooner or later they find out the solutions of their problems.

What matters is that before going to be involved in any of the issues we must get ourselves ready to speak out clearly about our issues and then more importantly be ready to listen to those who really can speak to us the way that could lead us to the next step of our life.

In the process of connecting with ourself, we must have to connect to other people in a way that what we say, our words could burn the light in the hearts of all those who listen to us, as well as our own self so that we could also feel the same heat in our heart. It is always good to ask ourselves before we say anything, whether it is necessary to say it or not.


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