Over a cup of tea

It was a pleasure talking about Observing Freedom with Mr. Shah. He is a friend of mine and living in the same city I live in, Dubai. We used to meet occasionally and it is common between us to talk about politics, current affairs, new inventions, business opportunities, etc.

We were together this evening and talking about different things when our conversation reached to a halt. We decided to have a cup of tea and to talk again over the sips of it. Here comes the tea. We tasted it and it was nice to have till the end.

During our conversation; we came to a point of common interests which is writing. Mr. Shah is writing a series of 7 books and he is planning to publish all of them after his retirement. After his retirement! This was a surprise for me to hear. On this note (after his retirement), our conversation went something like this:

Me: Why publishing your books after your retirement?

Mr. Shah: Because currently I don’t have time to talk much to people of common interests and vice versa.

Me: That’s not a bad idea!

Mr. Shah: Yes, I know.

Me: I’ve finished my first book Observing Freedom and it is on sale now.

Mr. Shah: What is it about?

Me: It’s about human nature, human behavior, and needs.

Mr. Shah: There’s nothing interesting about it. Everyone knows about the human nature.

Me: I don’t claim it interesting either but I wish you to read it then tell me.

Mr. Shah: If it’s not interesting, why should I read it?

Me: You think it’s not interesting because you haven’t read it.

Mr. Shah: OK. Give me some concept which you portrayed in it.

Me: In Observing Freedom, I wrote about different behaviors…

Mr. Shah: Don’t give me this shit.

Me: I am saying that…

Mr. Shah: What do you mean by … ???

Me: I am saying that I write about different…

Mr. Shah: What different? What is new that you’ve written?

Me: This is what I am…

Mr. Shah: What behaviors do you know about humans?

Me: O come-on, if you don’t let me speak, how would I tell you something?!

Mr. Shah: OK. Tell me. I’m listening.

Me: First of all, I want to tell you that it’s not a challenge for you to take. In fact, it’s not a challenge for anyone. Although, I would like to have criticized where there is something to be, but still without challenging anyone. People of all ages and of any interest can read Observing Freedom.

Mr. Shah: Taking small sips and staring right at me.

Me: In Observing Freedom, I wrote about different human behaviors and different situations which caused people to behave differently. Some have good effects and some have bad.

Mr. Shah: Tell me something particular about any one essay, any one chapter.

Me: There is an essay in which I expressed the human relationship with each other and the image of those relationships. How they hurt at times when something happens against our expectation. We get impatient, desperate and sometime we get violent. There is an urge to revenge being born in some of us.

Mr. Shah: Hmmm…

Me: Then I expressed that how we can control over those behaviors at time by diverting our attention to other things so that we can avoid any trouble.

Mr. Shah: You’ve got my interest.

Me: You want it in full?

Mr. Shah: Mmmm… Yes… You know, there are people who always think how to take revenge. There are people who always avoid getting in any trouble, no matter what. There are people who always think about getting everything.

Me: You’re right. There are people of several kinds in this world and somehow I feel like no one can change their habit of being revengeful or being ambitious, etc. But those who take time out from all the happenings of the world and sit to read or to think about something good are also there. And those are the people, who can deliver the true character of mankind to this world.

Mr. Shah: Yes, there are such people.

Me: Do you want me to continue with all that what is there in Observing Freedom?

Mr. Shah: I don’t want us to be interrupted but… It was very nice talking to you today!

Me: Likewise… Finishing my tea.

Mr. Shah: We’ll sit together again some day and talk more about it and tell me where can I get Observing Freedom.

Me: Sure. We’ll meet again. The book is available online at Amazon. Go to amazon.com and search for Observing Freedom.

Mr. Shah: I will. Let’s go…

It was really an interesting conversation with Mr. Shah. Though I couldn’t write 100% exact dialog but it was mostly like this.

Have a good day/night!

Moazzam Shaikh


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