Buy “Observing Freedom” now

Finally Observing Freedom is out for sale now

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Editions: The very first available edition of Observing Freedom is in paperback at as well as at The other editions (Kindle and ePub) will also be available there very soon for all those who prefer to read digital words. And I promise, you won’t blame me for the long waiting.

Price Tag: It was tough for me to decide the cost of Observing Freedom’s paperback. I thought a lot about it and with a little up and down jumps in the figures, I decided the tag of $9.99. Not too much, not too less. Everyone knows about and all the regular readers prefer to buy all their books from, either paperback or digital versions. You can buy Observing Freedom from amazon by clicking this.

Recommendation: When you start reading Observing Freedom, make sure that none of your hands are vacant. I mean, you must hold the book in one hand and a cup of your favorite coffee in the other.

Have a good read!

Moazzam Shaikh


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