Keep your heart soft and warm

We are humans and as I keep saying that we have different capabilities and we all are unique in a sense in which we find things for ourselves that matter to us. We can never say that things are normal when we see someone doing something up to their capabilities. If we define all the uniqueness of humans as a normal thing, we will put a separator of fear between all of us which is against humanity.

When we see someone worrying about something too much; we pull our hand towards them intentionally, to help them or in the least case we guide them that if you really want something and if you really work hard to get it by taking advantage of the opportunities that come in your way, you will definitely find a way.

By pulling our hand to help others and by giving productive guidance to people in need, is a good gesture and it shows that you are a good human being and you understand that everyone is not the same. Some people get things of their choice, easily. And some people have to work hard to get things of their choice. The difference is there and your good part is that you understand it. This makes us different from others and at the same time connected to others, which matter a lot.

Dear reader, please keep your heart soft and warm, stay connected to other people and do not hesitate to help others in whatever way you can. This is what man is made for!


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