5 Ways to Avoid the Negative Mode

We, sometimes talk to other people in a negative mode which ultimately causes us stress, we feel sad afterwards, we feel that the world is against us, we feel devalued and unappreciated, and it affects our daily life and its productivity.

To avoid these kind of situations;

  1. we must put a flashing red light above our head and we must listen to what we say to other people in the negative mode, when the red light started flashing, take a break and wait for a while to get it back off;
  2. we must talk to people in a polite way and try to find out something interesting about them which we can further highlight in one-to-one conversations, social gatherings help people getting closer;
  3. we must do something for the people around us, something that they feel good about, and we get appreciated for highlighting that, we can invite them to join the meal table;
  4. we must try to look fresh and healthy, it automatically gives a good impression on others, don’t be lazy, get your looks done beautifully;
  5. we must work on the ‘feel good factor’ and ‘let them feel good factor’ at the same time, just try to be friendly.

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