Our Emotional Coloration

Our physical circumstances rely on our experiences in the world and that flow outwardly. Our thoughts, our feelings, our mental images are the exterior events and can be materialized into physical reality. We change the most permanent conditions of our life through the varying attitudes we have towards them. Everything we experience can be originated within ourself.

We interact with people of all kinds of nature and after interacting with them our thoughts accept some of the facts that we were unable to draw before those interactions. We are convinced by our own thoughts, by our own experiences, and by our own imaginations and we feel like we think exactly the right way things should be.

On the contrary, when we interact with people and discuss what we really think about and listen to them about what they think about the same things, some other facts also appeal our mind and ask us to reconsider. It happens quite often, if only for a few moments but it does.

It obviously gives us the joy of creativity that flows through our imagination effortlessly and we enjoy it. At the very moment, when we are challenged with new thoughts, we feel like it is a moment of spring that is allowing us to develop and grow our imagination into the deeper fields of life.

Such events happen in order to translate our thoughts and the duration of an event is determined by the intensity of our emotions. The events that exist briefly have a greater duration of time and they live for a longer period in our memory.

We basically create our experiences through our beliefs or we create our experiences through our expectations. Our emotional attitudes towards ourself, govern all the areas of our experience. Our attitudes and our expectations decode our emotional coloration and then we get what happens to us.

We may experience the lower and higher ends of emotional coloration throughout the day but there is a clear color line lies beneath all of it which is our ultimate true color and only that means a lot to us.


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