Human Love

Human love is that which most people think love is. Real, divine love, however, is a constant, persistent acceptance of all beings in the universe as they are and loving them because they are the way they are.

When we really love, we never feel parting.

Love is a constant attitude and it does not vary.

Divine love is seeing and accepting everyone equally, and this is the test of how divine our love is. It is unconditional and is for everyone alike. It is about loving our enemy which ultimately keeps us away from all other enemies.

All human beings are basically loving individuals.

Love allows us to increase our understanding.

It is the highest form of identity and it sets our self in its obvious state of being. It is about selflessness and it allows us to discover the greatest good of ourself. It shortens the distance between man and man and let people realize how important it is to stay close physically and in hearts.

Love is something about what we really are.

Love brings unexpected smiles on our faces.


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