Nothing But Us

We sometimes forget who we are and what we are. It means that we sometimes get out of our mind and we behave like we never did before. It happens when we allow the ego-motivated thoughts to rule all over our mind and body.

We remain in such condition until we reach a place where we were not that egoist. When we reach that place, we see that we are not actually the one who said all that crap or who did all that creepy stuff.

We re-invent us, we re-become what we really are, we re-remember all the good substance of our life, we re-discover ourself what we always used to be. When we re-recognize all these facts, the egomania drops off and we see our real self after this dropping off the ego layers.

It is a matter of mind and body working together in a way that is acceptable and a way that is not. When we achieve the self-control, we feel like our body is just like other people’s body and our body is going through the life just like every other body does.

We actually begin to experience life beyond our body and above the body. We are not limited by it. We let our body go its way. Then we use our body wherever we like to and stop it wherever we do not like to. Now we are free to use the body to communicate with others, to help them grow. It is because we see everything as nothing but us.


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