Clutter and Chaos

It is common among people that they see their worst selves, their most vulnerable selves. They always need someone else close enough to tell them that they are wrong, to tell them that they are far better human beings than what they are thinking about themselves.

Same is the relation with hunger and food. When we are hungry, we feel like eating our fingers and we start losing our senses which keep us normal. We stay in the same condition or get worse by the time until we get something proper and good to eat.

When I was younger around 15-16; I remember the first time I heard this sentence, “oh, you are angry, no worries, get something to eat”.

It saddened me when I read in the newspaper that the world is in shortage of food and there are lots of human beings who do not have access to proper food.

I pray to God to please fulfill these basic human needs of proper food and the people (loved ones) around us telling that we are not vulnerable, so that there might be no more clutter and chaos in this world.

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