On the Way to Happiness

People on this beautiful planet earth are so different and diversified by their richness and poverty, by their education and ignorance, by their geographical location, by their cultures and beliefs.

When we ignore all these facts of diversification and try to observe the basic right of all, we find that all human beings by nature want happiness and do not want suffering.

We see that everyone in this world tries to achieve something and that something definitely gives happiness to us. Whatever we try to achieve in this world, belongs to our happiness and it is our ultimate goal in this life.

There are channels which we follow throughout our life to achieve happiness. These channels involve other people as well as our own self to motivate us in doing so. Some of us have more channels so we try more and in varied ways to achieve happiness. Some of us have less number of channels so we try a bit less and in fewer ways to achieve happiness. But we all do because it naturally is our basic right to seek and achieve happiness.

If we forget the differentiation of richness and poverty, education and ignorance, geography, culture and belief, we will see that there are only minor differences between people all across the world and we will feel that we are all the same as real human beings.

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